Behind the Scenes of Best Served Cold

Hello everybody!

I’m currently editing our next short, Best Served Cold and thought I’d drop this off here.

It’s a short video of what happened IMMEDIATELY after Mike calls cut. The audio is a little out of sync, I know. I don’t know if that’s because of the video size, the fact I didn’t add the OTHER audio, or just youtube being dumb. Anyway, enjoy!

Best Served Cold is due to premiere at the 2013 Drunken Zombie Film Festival Nov. 2nd & 3rd!

The two Mikes of Two Matts gear up for a busy summer.

Hey everybody!

Preproduction has begun for what looks to be a busy summer for our low to no budget company! We’re looking at doing at least 2, possibly 3, shorts by year’s end. They are:

Best Served Cold:
6 friends get together for a dinner party but one of them has an ulterior motive.

A Day in the life of an lonely guy with some weird habits.

Go inside the mind of a man on the edge.

All the scripts are finished, casts are being assembled, and we’re both chomping at the bit to get to work!


Two Matts’ Close Bloomington Branch, Make Galesburg Official Headquarters

After a few years of having two separate headquarters in both Bloomington and Galesburg, IL, Two Matts’ productions is closing their Bloomington branch and naming Galesburg, IL as their official headquarters.
The move, primarily a financial one, is good news for the low to no budget production company. It will allow for more work and more collaboration at a faster rate.
“I’m super excited,” co-founder Michael Carlson was quoted as saying.
“This move can only be good for the company,” said Michael Patterson. “Unless for some reason it’s bad. No. Mostly good.”
The official relocation is scheduled for February 1st.