Earth Day on WTVP!


Yeeeee-ah. I didn’t really post about this before it happened. Hopefully you’re part of our Facebook group so that you heard the news there.
As part of WTVP’s (Peoria/Bloomington-Normal’s PBS station) new show, The Screening Room, Earth Day was featured on Oct. 5th at 11PM. It was edited for time and content (obviously) so it was a little shorter version of the movie. Along with the film, Mike and I were interviewed as we were that week’s featured directors! (I totally snuck in there since Mike is the real director, but it’s Two Matts, so we’re a package deal.)
Hopefully you got to see it. If not, I’m sure they’ll re-air it sometime in the future. The Screening Room is on Saturdays at 11pm.

I promise to be more timely and efficient with future news! Well, promise is a STRONG word. Let’s replace that with WILL ATTEMPT.


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