The Apocalypse returns to Galesburg!


A time of renewal. That time of year when we shake off the icy cold hand of winter and step into the sun’s warm embrace.  The days get longer, the grass starts to green, and the flowers start to bloom, we step outside and watch as the world around us comes back from the dead. Now, thanks to Two Matts productions, even the dead themselves are coming back around. The two Mikes at the helm of the low budget independent film company are bringing the deceased back for another shot at the apocalypse in the sequel to the 2012 feature Earth Day, Earth Day 2: Holidays of the Dead.

The setting for the oncoming horde of zombies? Galesburg and the surrounding area. Parts of the sequel have already been shot outside of Knoxville, and a few key plot scenes are scheduled to be shot at Sandburg Mall over the next few months. The majority of the cast is made up of actors from the area, pulling quite a few from Carl Sandburg college, where the first short was filmed. The filming at Sandburg Mall will primarily coordinate with a zombie walk already scheduled by the mall personnel right before Halloween. The two Mikes plan to film during the walk itself, and keep volunteers around to film for a few hours after the event has concluded. Once the film is completed, the two have plans to debut it in Galesburg, possibly in the cinema inside Sandburg mall.

The first Earth Day is the story of a viral outbreak that takes over a college campus where 3 students and a janitor fight to stop the zombie threat from escaping. SPOILER ALERT: They failed. The sequel, which picks up almost immediately where the first movie ends, takes the virus beyond the school’s walls and out into the world. Told in a series of 5 to 10 minute vignettes,  each one happening on a different holiday,  Holidays of the Dead covers the first year of the outbreak, introducing a number of new characters and how they get along together.

Earth Day was shot over a weekend at Carl Sandburg college in April of 2012 and debuted in October at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival in Peoria, as well as played in the Living Dead Film Festival in Chicago and the the Peculiar Film Fest in Peculiar, MO.  The movie is available to view on youtube and DVDs are for sale at



Behind the Scenes of Best Served Cold

Hello everybody!

I’m currently editing our next short, Best Served Cold and thought I’d drop this off here.

It’s a short video of what happened IMMEDIATELY after Mike calls cut. The audio is a little out of sync, I know. I don’t know if that’s because of the video size, the fact I didn’t add the OTHER audio, or just youtube being dumb. Anyway, enjoy!

Best Served Cold is due to premiere at the 2013 Drunken Zombie Film Festival Nov. 2nd & 3rd!

Earth Day on WTVP!


Yeeeee-ah. I didn’t really post about this before it happened. Hopefully you’re part of our Facebook group so that you heard the news there.
As part of WTVP’s (Peoria/Bloomington-Normal’s PBS station) new show, The Screening Room, Earth Day was featured on Oct. 5th at 11PM. It was edited for time and content (obviously) so it was a little shorter version of the movie. Along with the film, Mike and I were interviewed as we were that week’s featured directors! (I totally snuck in there since Mike is the real director, but it’s Two Matts, so we’re a package deal.)
Hopefully you got to see it. If not, I’m sure they’ll re-air it sometime in the future. The Screening Room is on Saturdays at 11pm.

I promise to be more timely and efficient with future news! Well, promise is a STRONG word. Let’s replace that with WILL ATTEMPT.


Happy Earth Day! and some business.


HAPPY EARTH DAY! Remember the sacrifice made on your behalf today.
I know you’re all like “But Mike, there’s no zombies!” And to that I say, “You’re dang right. And you’re welcome.”


For some reason the paypal isn’t working like it is supposed to. (WOMPWOMP!)
So if you have an order you’d like to place, send an email to and we’ll get you set up!


Thanks and Happy Earth Day!


The two Mikes of Two Matts gear up for a busy summer.

Hey everybody!

Preproduction has begun for what looks to be a busy summer for our low to no budget company! We’re looking at doing at least 2, possibly 3, shorts by year’s end. They are:

Best Served Cold:
6 friends get together for a dinner party but one of them has an ulterior motive.

A Day in the life of an lonely guy with some weird habits.

Go inside the mind of a man on the edge.

All the scripts are finished, casts are being assembled, and we’re both chomping at the bit to get to work!